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Best price guarantee
Tour Operator: Texeltours 3h 30m Travel method:   Other / Non-Travel Region / Starts from: Amsterdam

Cafe Cruiser

This cool Cafe Cruiser introduces you to the island of Texel in an adventurous and environmentally friendly way. Tour the beaten track or discover new winding routes around the island.


3.5 hours


Cafe Cruisers are an electrically powered sturdy Harley Look-a-like moustache scooter that lets you ride on Texel in a relaxed and silent way. With this unique retro mode of transport, you will make a splash on the road. Thanks to the large front wheels and thick (smaller) rear tires, it is very easy to steer. At the moment of driving, everyone already laughs on their faces and, of course, you get a lot of views along the way!

With our fun E scooter routes, you can enjoy everything you see and encounter along the way. Drive at 25 km/h on this cool Cafe Cruiser.

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